CU Perks


CU Perks is an exclusive rewards program for POECU members who shop online. As a CU Perks member, when you make an online purchase from one of the 4,000 participating merchants, a portion of the purchase is given back to you as a cashback reward. The best part? It’s completely free to sign up and use.



How does it work?
You can start earning rewards today by downloading the CU Perks App to your smartphone.  Don’t have a smartphone? Prefer to shop from your computer? Install our Shopping Assistant directly into your browser and you’re ready to shop from any of our 4,000 online merchants. Once installed, whenever you make an online purchase from one of your favorite merchants, we’ll automatically put rewards in your account. It’s that simple!



How much can I save?
For every purchase you make online with one of your favorite merchants, we’ll add to your account. The percentage you earn will vary with each merchant, but there’s no limit to the amount of credit you can earn.



Keeping Your Privacy
The CU Perks app and Shopping Assistant toolbar do not capture or store your financial information, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or any other payment information. When you make an online purchase, your payment information is stored with the merchant directly — just as if it were a normal purchase.



Why would the retailers give away money?

Each retailer has an advertising budget that pays website owners a percentage of sales for driving traffic to their site, instead of keeping these advertising dollars we choose to give them back to you, our loyal members.



Why is there a 60-day holding period?
Each retailer has a return / exchange policy. As a result of these policies and risk of fraud, each retailer will not pay out advertising commissions until the exchange period has passed. Retail Benefits makes funds available as soon as they are guaranteed payment from the retailer.