Hurricane Preparedness

Now that we are officially in hurricane season, we want to provide you with some resources that will help you in the event we experience a hurricane this summer. See below for a list of resources that we compiled.

Co-op shared branching

We are part of the CO-OP Shared Branching network, which provides you over 160 branches in Louisiana and over 5,500 branches in the nation to do your banking. In the event that you need to evacuate, use the CO-OP branch locator to find out which branches and ATMs you can use completely free to access your money.

Make sure to download the app at the Google Play Store or the App Store so that you can access the Shared Branching network anywhere.

fema’s preparedness booklet

Download FEMA’s free hurricane preparedness online booklet to read some important information on how to stay safe during a hurricane. This booklet covers:

  • Staying informed

  • Planning for an evacuation

  • Creating a family communication plan

  • Creating an emergency kit

  • Protecting your home

  • Surviving during a hurricane

  • Staying safe after a hurricane

  • And more

This booklet provides you with a good comprehensive guide on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Click the link below to access the PDF.

emergency kit checklist

Click the button below to access FEMA’s basic emergency kit checklist PDF. This checklist will help you build a basic emergency kit that you can throw in the car if you evacuate, or use if you stay during a storm.

Although it isn’t included in the checklist, we also recommend including a wireless radio and a hatchet or axe in the kit for if you end up having to stay.