Dramatic Before and After Photos of Paris Avenue


If you’ve been by our Paris Avenue branch recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been undergoing some pretty major updates. You might have even met me, as I took off my marketing hat and put on my interior designer hat for a few weeks while I ripped down wallpaper and repainted the branch.

Well, it’s finally done!

The green paisley wallpaper has been ripped down, the walls have been repainted, the clutter has been cleared, and this branch has never looked better!

Check out the dramatic before and after pictures below, and then visit the branch in person at 200 Paris Avenue, Metairie, LA 70005 to check it out and meet Carla and Brandy!

The Teller’s Window:

Here, the wallpaper was stripped and the walls were painted white. The TV and file cabinet were removed which opened up the area and allows more light to enter the room. The old blinds were taken down and replaced with sheer white curtains which I custom made to fit the space.

The Teller's Station:

This is one of the more dramatic transformations in this branch. We removed a lot of the clutter and organized the counter space. The posters, clock, and wallpaper got taken down and I hand painted our logo onto the wall:

The Collections Office:

If you ever need to have a meeting with Brandy, our collections agent, you’ll notice that her office has been updated as well. The walls were repainted, curtains were hung, and some new chairs were added to brighten up this room.

The Lobby:

As you can see, the lobby used to look extremely dim because the faded wallpaper didn’t allow light to bounce off of the walls. A fresh coat of white paint just brightens the entire place up!

The Seating Area:

This is arguably the biggest transformation of the entire branch:

We cleared out the clutter and got rid of the desk. I ripped down the wallpaper and painted this corner with a navy blue paint. The blinds were taken down and new curtains were added. We put some modern art on the walls, added some plants, and put in a new table for our lobby phone.

Do those chairs look familiar? That’s because they’re the same chairs that we’ve always had. I simply painted the legs and reupholstered them with some red velvet. Now they look band new!

Come visit us!

Now that you’ve seen the before and after photos, come visit us! Next time you need to do some banking, drop by at 200 Paris Avenue, Metairie, LA 70005 (off of Veterans Blvd.), and see the new branch in person.

Plus, this branch is now a part of the co-op shared branch network! So, even if you’re not a member at POECU, you can do your banking here if your credit union is part of the co-op.

Rachel Morris