Update to Dormant Account Policy Effective June 1, 2019

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our credit union and make it a better financial institution for you. In looking out for our members, we have updated our dormant account policy effective June 1st, 2019—reducing the fee from $15/month to $15/quarter with the fee charged at the end of each quarter.

Below is a comprehensive look at our dormant account policy:


A member base share account shall be considered dormant if no activity has taken place on this account or other sub-accounts for 2 years. Example: if the share draft/checking account is utilized but no transactions take place on the base share account, the account is considered active.


If your account has no activity for a period of 21 months, we will send you a notice via first class mail to the address we have on record. We will encourage you to activate or close your account or you will incur the dormant account fee.


The dormant account fee is $15 PER QUARTER for as long as there is no activity on the account after the dormancy notice has been provided. The fee may be adjusted by the board at any time.


If the account is still dormant after 5-years, the funds in the account will be escheated to the State of Louisiana.

Thank you for making POECU your credit union. We are happy to serve you and we will continue to grow and change with your needs.