The Latest Perk to Being a Credit Union Member

The Latest Perk to Being a Credit Union Member

I am so excited to talk about a brand new benefit that we are offering to our members. We are always looking for ways to help you save money and reach financial success. In keeping with our mission, we are introducing CU Perks, a free online shopping account that lets you receive cash back on over a thousand retailers.

Here's how it works:

  • Go to  and log-in using your email address and organization name: POECU.
  • Once you're logged in, you're ready to start shopping online and earning your credits - it's that easy!
  • Earn credit on your CU Perks account on purchase from over 1,500 retailers and choose from over 300 million products. These online retailers include: Sephora, GAP, Target, Staples and more!
  • The more you shop online through CU Perks, the more credit you earn in your CU Perks account.
  • After a 60 – 90 day return period, you will receive a check in the mail containing your cash back reward.

Every dollar you save by shopping through the CU Perks site is credited to your CU Perks account. It's that simple. Spend $200 at Target, and you'll see a 3.75% or $7.50 credit on your bill. Like shoes? $200 at means a $27 credit on your CU Perks account.

There are no sign-up fees:

As a loyal member, you're automatically enrolled in CU Perks. All you need to do is set up an account, which takes seconds. You can simply shop online as you normally do, at well-known retailers you love through the to earn your credits and SAVE!

Get reminders when you're on a CU Perks Site:

Once you enroll, you can download the Google plugin and the Android or iPhone app. The Google plugin allows you to shop online as you normally would without having to log in through CU Perks. The plug in will recognize when you’re on a CU Perks affiliate site and notify you. Once you click Activate CU Perks, you will receive your rewards on any purchase you make through that site.

Once you download the Google Chrome plugin, you can earn rewards without ever having to go through the CU Perks website.

You can also Download the app here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CU Perks?

CU Perks is an exclusive rewards program for credit union members who frequent online shopping.  CU Perks allows members to browse thousands of popular online retailers through the CU Perks website or mobile app, making purchases as usual. Rewards are automatically posted to the member’s CU Perks account and, within 60 days, members will receive a check in the mail. Simply shop online and watch your rewards add up. 

How do I shop?

POECU members can download the app or visit the CU Perks website and set up an account. Sign up by entering your email and POECU. Once your signed up, begin browsing through the thousands of retailers and shop as usual. Rewards vary depending on the individual retailer.

Why would the retailers give away money?

Each retailer has an advertising budget that pays website owners a percentage of sales for driving traffic to their site, instead of keeping these advertising dollars we choose to give them back to you, our loyal members.

Why is there a 60-day holding period?

Each retailer has a return / exchange policy. As a result of these policies and risk of fraud, each retailer will not pay out advertising commissions until the exchange period has passed. Retail Benefits makes funds available as soon as they are guaranteed payment from the retailer.

What about my financial information?

The CU Perks app and Shopping Assistant toolbar do not capture or store your financial information, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or any other payment information. When you make an online purchase, your payment information is stored with the merchant directly — just as if it were a normal purchase.

Rachel Morris