CULAC Interviews POECU Staff for an Awareness Video

CULAC Interviews PIECU Staff for an Awareness Video

On Wednesday, August 23rd, Richard Gose – a representative of CULAC – interviewed Yolanda Miller, Kristy Adams, and Jessica Pond. The interview will be a part of a video featuring credit unions from all over the nation to talk about why they are involved in CULAC and what CULAC means to them. POECU was asked to contribute to the video as we are a leading credit union in raising money for CULAC and spreading the word about their mission.

CULAC stands for Credit Union Legislative Action Council. It is the Political Action Committee for CUNA. CULAC wants legislators to know that banks and credit unions are not the same, and credit unions will not benefit from one-size-fits-all regulations. CULAC advocates for laws (such as having credit unions maintain their nonprofit status) that will help keep money in the credit union so it can circulate back to the members.

In the interviews, Yolanda, Kristy, and Jessica explained why they decided to get involved in CULAC:

When speaking with Richard Gose, Yolanda explained that she has been involved with CULAC for about ten yearsnow. She understands that credit unions are so beneficial to members as compared to banks, and CULAC helps preserve those benefits. Seeing her members get excited when she tells them about our interest rates or not having to go through so much red tape to secure a loan reminds her of why she donates to CULAC.

Kristy Adams has been with POECU for 15 years, working her way from a teller, to a branch manager, to a loan officer, to the Vice President of Operations and now as the Vice President of Lending. Throughout her entire time at POECU, the opportunities to help members through the different challenges that they may face is what always brings her the most joy. Donating to CULAC is just another way that she can help members of credit unions. She knows that CULAC carefully monitors the money in the PAC to make sure that it doesn’t just go into a politician’s pocket, but is used to help advocate for credit unions in the government.

Finally, Richard interviewed Jessica Pond, who talked about how she got involved in CULAC when she found out how much it helps credit unions and credit union members. CULAC’s campaigns help to educate lawmakers on why credit unions are so important and why taxing credit unions will end up taking money away from the members. 

We are so honored that CULAC chose POECU to be a part of this video. Spreading awareness about all the good that CULAC does for credit unions around the country is extremely important to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Wednesday morning!

Rachel Morris