How to Add a POECU Shortcut to Your Phone

How to Add a POECU Shortcut to Your Phone

We understand that some of our members may be uncomfortable with having a banking app on their phone in case the phone ever gets lost or stolen. While our TouchBanking app is extremely secure - you must log in every time you open the app to access your account - we recognize the hesitation and want to help.

That is why we are going to show you how to put a shortcut to our website on your cell phone's homepage. Doing this allows you quick access to your online banking without having to download the app.

The following tutorial shows you how to do it on an iPhone. It is very similar to add the homepage on your Android phone, but if you would like to see a tutorial specifically for Andriod phones, click here.

1. Open your mobile browser (Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox) and go to our website at

2. Click on the icon that is boxed in red below.


3. A menu will pop up with lots of options. Click on "Add to Home Screen" (boxed in red).


4. A screen will pop up confirming the name of the website and the URL. You are able to customize the name to whatever you like - this is what will show up as the label under the app icon on your mobile home page.

5. Once you have confirmed the name and URL, click "Add" (boxed in red) to add it to your home page.


6. Exit out of your browser and you will see your new shortcut! Organize it however you would like and treat it like any other app on your phone.

Once you complete these steps, you will have instant access to our website. Clicking this will open your browser app and automatically pull up our homepage. From there you can check announcements, log into your online banking, or apply for loans! Adding this app makes it quick and convenient for you without downloading TouchBanking.

Rachel Morris