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CU Lunch Local Week 2018

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CU Lunch Local

Be it lunch at a local deli or a shopping at a neighborhood store, Louisiana credit unions are being called on to show their support of small businesses. POECU is just one of many credit unions in the area putting money back into Louisiana’s economy by participating in ‘CU Lunch Local’.

The CU Lunch Local promotion, a statewide cash mob, will kick off October 15, just in time for International Credit Union Week. Cash mob events are similar to flash mob events, but with one key difference. Instead of dancing in the street, people who participate in cash mob events spend money. They spend this money at local businesses with the goal of supporting them and encouraging others in the community to buy local. Starting Monday, October 15 and ending Friday, October 19, credit unions from all around the state will commit to dine, shop, or buy local.

The basic goal of CU Lunch Local (#culunchlocal) is to drive positive awareness of the credit union industry’s capability and willingness to support local businesses. Recent data shows us that business loans by banks are down, and business loans by credit unions have substantially increased. This loan growth is really the result of businesses increasingly seeing credit unions as a credible source for their business.

“Louisiana credit unions support small businesses in so many ways, including business lending that helps create jobs and turn the state’s economy around,” commented the credit union. “This is an opportunity to show everyone just how big the credit union commitment to small business really is. It’s just another way credit unions are ‘people helping people’.”

Since LCUL launched CU Lunch Local in 2013, Louisiana credit unions have given back more than $100,000 to local businesses.

To Participate:

When: Monday, October 15 - Friday, October 19

How: In order to participate, all you need to do is dine out at any local restaurant and bring us your receipt (or a copy of your receipt)! We will keep track of how much our employees and members spend over the week and send a report to the LCUL.

Lets show our community that we care!

Later Event: October 18
International Credit Union Day